Tuesday July 16, 2019-Political analyst Ambrose Weda has advised Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho to drop his arrogance towards Deputy President William Ruto and accord him respect.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, Weda noted that Kibicho remains the DP's junior in all aspects and should not be seen to be arrogantly responding to him.

"Let him have a lot of respect for the Deputy President. The language he used is not only arrogant but disrespectful. He (Ruto) is his boss, he should address him as sir, he is his senior, has better children and more money," said Weda.

He also pointed out that Kibicho is in office courtesy of Ruto's efforts alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2017 elections.

The commentator observed that the PS wouldn't be in office if former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had won the election, adding that he should be grateful to the DP.

"Lucky is he that that president and the deputy went around the country and got power. If Raila had taken the Government he may have not been a PS," he added.

The two have not been in good terms, with Kibicho being accused of undermining the DP after his implication in an alleged plot to assassinate Ruto.


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