Magic can give you the power to access the most rarely achieved powers such as that of healing yourself, live a fulfilling life, liberate the divine within and many more things. Wicca Spirituality is a particular style of Wicca. It is often referred to as an enlightenment that is earth based. Humans are often trying to attain nirvana and Moksh. Now a time has come when the same will be achieved on the Earth itself. You no more have to strive or fight for attaining what you have been looking for. There is not a lot that you need on Wicca as a practice so that you can attain spirituality. Wicca is also a religion with its own practices and beliefs. It can be a very long process to be a Wiccan but is a very satisfying and gratifying belief system to follow.

According to Wiccan tradition it is believed that god is at the centre of life and all creation. They have based all the traditions and actions in the duality or balance that is in the nature. They give equal importance to the gods as well as goddesses. They do not believe in intermediaries or prophets or any holy books. There is a direct connection between the divine forces and the human being who practices Wicca.

The Wiccans always take all responsibility for their actions and situations. It is only you and you who determines how to react to the outside world through your words and actions if you believe in Wicca. According to Wicca if you have treated someone poorly the best way to take responsibility is to make amends and realize your mistakes.

Wiccans have realized that only by maintaining a good balance with nature you can attain sacredness of all life. There is a partnership that you share with the Earth and the theory of reincarnation is also based on this. Starting from all life processes till Death everything is believed to be a part of the cycle of nature.

Wiccans generally like to perform their rituals and ceremonies when they have a closer connection to Nature. Most of the celebrations and rituals are based on the different cycles of the moon and the different seasons. Though this is what is preferred by them, it is not always safe to perform them outside due to the weather conditions and hence they have to perform it inside. At time a number of Wiccans get together and place a candle in the center and form a circle. This circle is believed to create positive energy and considered t be healing, and divine. There are ceremonies that involve the Wiccans eating and drinking wine or juice before the circle is dissolved and the ritual has come to an end.

You will be amazed to know that Wicca is a pre-Christain belief and honours life and creation. There is no need for you to dress differently or act differently to be a Wiccan. Without any official look or behaviour you can be a Wicca.

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