In the last two weeks I have heard people complain about a certain nauseating habit.
A distant friend told me of a nephew he tried to help. Sacrificed so much, to ensure that he gets a job abroad. When the kid went abroad, he kept quiet. Never called, never kept in touch. He did well for a time. For more than two years,
he never heard from the kid. The distant friend was happy for him. Then kid came back from abroad. He had invested with his girlfriend, but as it happens, when a man is away, the cat (no pun intended) always plays.
So kid comes back, to discover that the wife he left has been playing too much. They have an altercation, wife tricks him and vanishes with all his earthily possessions. He is homeless. He calls the uncle and the uncle has no choice but house. In the meantime, as he is sorting the domestic mess, his Visa expires, and now they are where it all begun: him jobless, broke and in need of help. In the mean time, the kid now Gamble's and drinks, shocked about the sudden change of fortunes.
And in this matatu to town, the drive is complaining about a kid from his village he helped. Used to host him and tried every trick to stay afloat. One day, the kid gets tired, and says he wants to go home and try his luck with some police job. The driver gave him the fare and everything, and tells him if he fails, he can always come back and they keep trying. With luck, the kids gets the administration police job.
The driver never heard from him, until he bumps into him in a chief's camp nearby where he lives and he asks him, "you mean you got the job? How come you never updated me?"
Kid told him, "I lost your number..."
As poor excuses go, that is Malawi.
I have learnt in life, when people help others, they do it with roho Safi. And if they hold your hand and you succeed, they don't expect much. But they always appreciate if you can stay in touch. Maybe you buy them a suit, or something to show appreciation.
And there are guys who never forget their roots. And those are always extremely blessed.
Because when you have no means and someone opens a door for you, the least you can do is to be grateful, in whatever way. When we fail to be grateful (this does not mean that you spend the rest of your life keeping the people on your payroll. Just sending them Christmas is enough. If you end up in a good place and you can help their or some other relation to get a job, the better.
Be grateful.


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