Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - This is a firsthand account of a Kenyan youth who tried his hand at entrepreneurship only to be screwed by shitty Government policies.

While the government touts entrepreneurship as the ultimate out of jail card for the millions of the unemployed youth - which is a ticking time bomb, the conditions out there are not conducive for cash strapped youths to run a self-sustaining businesses.

Check the tweets below by Gida Kabunyi.

I watched that @ntvkenya thing Jana with utmost disgust because of two things and I will narrate. In 2014 nikiwa employed someone sold me idea ya greenhouse. I took a loan and built one in Limuru, life was good, a crate was going for 3500, we made lotsa money @RookieKE

Fast forward 6 months later it was "open garden" season and the prices dropped to 500bob a crate. Mind you the produce was being taken to the market using a boda that we paid Ksh 500bob so effectively it was a dead biz @RookieKE

We approached our area Mp and requested he uses part of the CDF to build a good processing plant, like value addition Nini Nini, we be selling Tomato paste or tomato sauce, we were ready to form a Sacco to get better prices @RookieKE

Guy muted us for the longest time. One day I came home from Naks, cut all the plants, demolished the greenhouse na hizo poles zote nikazichoma makaa. So when I see leaders talking about youth employing themselves I just feel total disgust

If you want youth to employ themselves legislate and actually give them an avenue to better themselves. That Greenhouse had employed like 10 of my village agemates that never had a chance to go to college

They used to make good money to feed themselves and their families too. Saa hii nikienda ocha all those guys want "mia mbili ya Chrome nusu na Keg"

Secondly I will talk about Poultry farming coz my dad is a poultry farmer. Last year when we had the Mexico maize fiasco, all the chicken at his farm got sick. Like production dropped 80% and the birds started dying

We took a few of the dead birds to Kabete labs and turned out the issue was the feeds. Given that he was a "big" customer to Pembe Millers, doing upto 400 bags a week we called them up, armed with lab results and all

The guys went cold. They carried samples of the feeds and dead chicken but that was that, no feedback and Everytime we went to their offices we got a run around. Then someone knocked on the gate, enter a company called Huduma feeds, Somali Owned I must say

That guy has offered poultry farmers a relief, things that even the Agricultural extension office could not or never have btw. Research about vaccines and all that. Yaani we needed a Somali investor to fix all the problems that govt has neglected

Mimi I felt like hitting the tv with a stone watching grown ass men clinging to jobs speaking about thing they themselves know nothing about and wouldn't even try

Worst part is all the youth have turned into crime. Nowadays I shudder getting a late night call from him, coz it's either a robbery or someone gotten robbed, coz the youth there have no jobs and no money.

Like two weeks ago folks were even having a fundraiser to buy solar lamps and install them on the kplc poles coz insecurity has become a serious issue there now
And as I write this, My current Mp has been MIA since been elected. Ata Ile kukuja mazishi, just to cleanse himself, hakujangi. Like how fucked up do we need to be as a country for us to decide enough is enough?

Our kids, who will teach them the value of hard work? I have a pal who lectures at a public Uni, he tells me 90% of the students who were applying for attachment applied to govt institutions, you know why?

Because there they get to do nothing and stand a chance to get a job and STEAL their way to a "good life" Things need to change and they need to do so FAST! Hatuko sawa na tusidanganyane. @RookieKE

Cc @SakajaJohnson Hii ndio situation kwa ground!!

There are more "young" people than "old" people in this .Ke we are not asking you for govt jobs, you can keep them, all we are asking for is a conducive envt to nurture our ideas! Not the constant harassment and belittlement we get for paying taxes diligently. TUMECHOKA!!!
Cc @SenMutula @SakajaJohnson @WilliamsRuto @WMutunga @MarthaKarua

I am angry today and I will speak my mind. Well, I am a Chemical Engineering graduate who has done CPA, since graduating in 2010 my Engineering degree has done zero to help me in my career

Partly because I do not "know people" and partly because almost all our Industries are dead, so I mainly do marketing and sales

So you tell me, my daughter turns 2 years old tomorrow. This "consumer economy" we have created, do you think I will be able to convince her to work hard in school? And if she does, for what?

Somebody said if you get a chance to get out of .Ke you should and never look back, well, am not that guy. Am the guy willing to stay and fix our country

Am not the guy willing to see my mum line up for a politician to give her 1k for flour, am the guy willing to see my mum get value for her efforts in the shamba. Either we wake up or we are doomed

Let all our "Leaders" know that the is what 90% of the youth are going through, either they fix the system or very soon the youth will Revolt. #Endoftweet


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