Friday, July 26, 2019 - Veteran Kenyan rapper, Colonel Mustafa, has made a confession about his life that most men would rather die than let the world know.

While it is well known that some male musicians in Kenya are usually ‘kept’ by rich old women who finance their lifestyles in exchange for good sex, it is rare for one to publicly confess.

Speaking to a popular Entertainment Show in a Local Radio Station, Mustafa, who has since taken a backseat from music after landing the wealthy sugar mama had this say.

“Yeah kweli unapokuwa bwana mzuri unapendwa, hata vidole havitoshani so what am trying to say is that, that woman alikuja kwa maisha yangu na mambo mengi na mimi kama mwanaume tukashirikiana now we making lotsa of money sahu tuko sawa, hata quran ilisema kuoa mwanamke mwenye mafanikio ni baraka”

Mustafa was part of the Deux Vultures duo that gave us mega hits such as Monalisa and Kaitika.

He recently made a cameo appearance in the ratchet reality show Nairobi Diaries.


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