Saturday July 27, 2019-Opposition leader Raila Odinga said that he had a bad feeling about the late Ken Okoth, a feeling that made him plan a visit.

Speaking to NTV after landing in Nairobi on Friday, Raila said he had a premonition a day before Okoth died, and spent an hour looking for him. 

He said he went to Nairobi Hospital to look for him but he was told the MP had been discharged.

"I spoke to him about a month ago, but the day before he died, I had a bad premonition. I went to look for him at The Nairobi Hospital then I was told that he had been discharged," said Raila.

Raila learnt of Okoth's death while in Mombasa as he prepared to fly to Nairobi.

"Yesterday in the morning, I went to several functions before flying out to Mombasa. I was hoping to see him when I came back today, then at the airport, I realized that he had passed on. The day before he died I spent one hour looking for him," he added.

Raila described Okoth as a hardworking leader who grew up in Kibera, adding that he was set to go to higher places.

Okoth died on Friday after battling colorectal cancer. 



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