Wednesday July 31, 2019 - Political analyst Tom Nduko has lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for his reluctance in declaring his preferred successor, only three years to his 2022 retirement.

This comes even as he owes his Deputy, William Ruto, an endorsement as per their 2013 and 2017 agreement.

Uhuru has remained silent on the deal since his handshake with Raila Odinga and recently said that only God will decide who the next President will be.

Speaking on Wednesday, Nduko noted that Uhuru has taken a wise step in remaining silent on the issue, observing that he has predicted trouble ahead if he is to name a successor.

He noted that such an announcement can end up injecting pride in the named person, resulting in poor performance, and they might as well proceed to lose in 2022, leaving Uhuru embarrassed.

"He knows if he says "I will give to you" the person will be big headed and probably won't make it," stated Nduko.

According to Nduko, Uhuru is out to ensure that he realizes his legacy, which will be unfulfillable once he returns the country to the campaign mode through endorsements.

He also noted that the President is trying as much as he can to ensure that the 2022 issue only comes at the right time, and is preserving the current time for service delivery to Kenyans.

"The President is using wisdom. He knows what is good for the present and what is good for the future," he said.


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