Tuesday July 16, 2019-Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government to take actions on supermarkets that use illegal and harmful chemicals to preserve meat.

In a letter to the Health Cabinet Secretary, Sicily Kariuki, the Kenya Bureau of Standards managing director and the Council of Governors chairman, the LSK’s chief executive Mercy Wambua said steps should be taken to ensure harmful food is no longer sold in supermarkets.

The LSK‘s letter followed an expose carried by NTV on Sunday that showed how major supermarkets are using deadly chemicals to preserve meat.

Ms Wambua called on the government to perform regular inspection of food handlers, publishing of names of people found tampering with food, prosecution and establishment of strict guidelines to ensure only safe preservatives are used in foods.

“Prosecute and publish the names of any persons engaged in the sale of unwholesome, poisonous, adulterated foods and ensure their licenses are cancelled upon conviction,” Ms Wambua said.


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