- Kenyan doctors led a strike that lasted a record three months

- The situation in neighboring country, Tanzania, is quite different from what Kenyans know

Kenyans watched in disbelief as their physicians and medical practitioners across the country downed their tools on a strike that lasted 100 days.This continued even as patients struggled, others fighting for their lives in hospitals, with deaths reported in the process.

The strike has since been called off.

In Tanzania, however, the situation is totally different. President Magufuli may not be facing opposition from the medical professionals, but there’s a mathematical reason to this.
With a population of over 45 million people, Tanzania actually has a higher percentage of herbalists than it does medical doctors in its healthcare system.

Studies have revealed that over 70 percent of Tanzanians have more faith in herbalists than doctors.

One such herbalist is Dr. Mugwenu from Kigoma, Tanzania who has experience of over 40 years.mugwenu says he does research in herbal medicine and uses a variety of local herbs mixed with Arabic and Indian herbs, alongside natural foods diet plan which he calls ‘Lishe Bora’.

“We pick the herbs from our environment more so the great forests, then professionally prepare them in order to help people with different problems,” he added.

The herbalist, who carefully and professionally grows the herbs himself, says he uses these concoctions and natural mixtures to heal people who are suffering from all kinds bodily problems.

“My herbs heal pressure, diabetes, manhood problems, obesity (cut your body in shape), skin complications, infertility/birth complications, and sexually transmitted infections, among others."

It is no wonder Tanzanians flock herbalists’ offices as most, if not all, of these diseases are the type you do not just share with anyone.

Mugwenu says he infuses the strong herbs with spiritual powers, spell casting and charms to make rituals or prayers needed to change people’s lives.

Besides physical ailments and diseases, mugwenu says he also solves relationship problems such as those in marriage or even dating, business and work related issues, career and political success and all kinds of protection on assets and family, including bringing back lost relatives.

Land disputes, which are very common among Africans, are also solved by this herbalist.
His charms include magical rings, which he gives his clients to avoid bad debts, get lucky in winning lottery games and business tenders, as well as chase away evil and bad spirits.
Mugwenu says also interprets dreams, for those who really want to understand why they are seeing interesting things happening in their sleep.

“We value people's privacy therefore one could call or text.. And one can also use email to have your problem solved in a very short period of time,” says mugwenu.

For consultation and appointments, call Dr mugwenu on +254740637248 or visit there prophesional websites at www.mugwenudoctors.com

CALL - +254740637248 



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