Wednesday July 10, 2019-Gem Member of Parliament Elisha Odhiambo has said Deputy President William Ruto might not realize his 2022 presidential bid at all.

According to Odhiambo, an ODM MP, despite the influence Ruto seems to be enjoying, he should not consider himself a winner in advance.

He said that leadership comes from heaven, and if his presidency has not been approved by God, his many trips across the nation will not be of any help and should prepare himself for a loss.

"Ruto akae akijua Mungu ndio anapanga. Hata akitembea namna gani na Mungu hajapanga hatakuwa Rais. (Ruto should know that it's God who plans. If God has not planned it, he won't be president no matter how many trips he makes)," said the MP on Radio Maisha on Wednesday morning.

Ruto has declared his interest in succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta in the much-awaited contest and has been accused of engaging in early campaigns for the same.

And though he has been avoiding politics, his lieutenants have been doing the complete opposite, with the DP not showing any intentions to stop them.


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