Sunday July 7, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto on Friday raised concern over increased cases of teenage pregnancies in Western Kenya and the entire nation. 

Speaking during an empowerment programme for Sirisia youth bodaboda group, Lwandanyi, Sirisia in Bungoma County, Ruto said that he is not a happy man after it emerged that some of the girls get pregnant from men who should be nurturing them.

He noted that it is sad when some men take advantage of the naivety of some school girls and their financial challenges to lure them into early sex only to leave them pregnant. 

"If you are man enough, there are enough women out there, leave children alone (Kama wewe ni mwanamume kamili, wanawake ni wengi, achana na watoto!)," visibly dejected Ruto stated.

The DP noted that cases of teenage pregnancies have been on the rise in the recent past and asked parents and other stakeholders to ensure that the girl child gets a chance to complete her education for the betterment of society in different ways.


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