Wednesday July 10, 2019-Former Kibwezi Member of Parliament Kalembe Ndile has weigh-in on Deputy President William Ruto's claims about a possible assassination.

Speaking on Tuesday, the former Assistant Minister rubbished Ruto's fears for his life, claiming that he is faking it, most probably for political reasons.

He said that the alleged letter being investigated over the claims must have originated from the Deputy President's quarters, suspecting that it had Ruto's blessings.

He even joked that the latter has bow written to himself as he plans to assassinate himself.

"Hawa sasa hadi wamejiandikia barua ya kujiua (they have not written a letter about their own assassination)," he said on Radio Maisha's Bunge La Maisha on Tuesday morning.

However, Kalembe noted that as much as politics can at times include such games, Ruto and his group seem to have gone a little overboard.

"Wamedanganyana lakini hapo penye imefika si vizuri (they have lied, but have gone too far)," he added

Already, Statehouse Digital Director Denis Itumbi has been nabbed over possible involvement in authoring the letter, which the police believe is fake, regarding Ruto’s assassination plot.


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