Thursday, July 11, 2019-Githeri man came to the limelight during 2017 General Elections when he was captured on camera eating Githeri while on the queue waiting for his turn to vote.

The photos went viral on social media and the little known casual labourer from Kayole because famous countrywide.

 He landed  lucrative deals with corporate companies and every media station wanted to interview him.

He  was  even honoured by the State after President Uhuru Kenyatta gave him a Head of State Commendation.

However, he has been reduced to a pauper and a  useless drunkard in the streets.

Latest photos shows the famous Githeri man who has been in and out of rehab battling alcoholism being carried in a trolley like a sack of cabbage after drinking himself like a skunk in a cheap drinking den.

Check this out.


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