Friday July 19, 2019-Tiaty Member of Parliament William Kamket has waded into the Jubilee Party politics throwing a jibe at the supporters of Deputy President (DP) William Ruto.

Kamket, a close ally of Baringo Senator and KANU chairman Gideon Moi, said the ruling party was dead and likened Ruto's supporters still backing Jubilee to 'ticks clinging to a dead cow'. 

In a tweet on Thursday, the Tiaty legislator further hit out at Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruyoit after he told off State House spokesperson Kanze Dena for 'interfering' with Jubilee internal affairs.

"But since they’re hypnotized, we forgive them. Will a Good Samaritan please tell Aaron Cheruiyot that Jubilee died long time ago!" Kamket posted.

Cheruyoit on Wednesday warned Dena against commenting on the governing party issues since saying she has no capacity or competency to do so. 

"But Kanze Dena has serious competency lapses in her role as State House spokesperson.
 Somebody advice her to keep off commenting on Jubilee Party issues. Her understanding therein is that of a nun on mosque issues," the Senator tweeted.

Cheruyoit was responding after Dena defended Jubilee Secretary-General (SG) Raphael Tuju against accusations he was now working for the Opposition.



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