Wednesday, July 17, 2019-Kiss 100  radio presenter, Linda Nyangweso, has opened up how mean and  idle  Kenyans trolled her after she posted a photo enjoying holiday with her family.

The bikini photo which exposed Linda’s protruding tummy went viral and caused a heated debate on social media.

Kenyans had varied opinions on the photo that was widely shared online.

According to the talented radio presenter who has a sweet voice , one of her followers called a beluga whale after spotting the photo.

I  posted the picture because we were happy and we were having fun we were on vacation like any other regular family on vacation. someone called me a whale. I think that is the most creative one. I appreciated it. At least you did your research because he specifically called me a beluga whale.” She said.

Linda says that despite the trolls, her husband is always supportive and proud of her plus-size body.

Ooh my God my husband is the most amazing person because he is the blindest to such things so I thank him for that but I will say this time what got to me was that people DMing him and telling him really mean things”  She added.

Here's the photo in-case you missed it.


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