Saturday, July 27, 2019-Instagram slay queen and wannabe model, Haentel Wanjiru, has for a long time rumoured  to be warming the bed of Kilifi Governor, Amason Kingi.

Well placed sources have confirmed to the Kenyan DAILY POST that the flashy Governor, who has a special appetite for younger ladies, sponsors Haentel’s expensive lifestyle that she openly displays on social media.

Recently, he threw a surprise birthday party for Haentel that left tongues wagging.

During the lavish birthday surprise, Kingi sent a chopper which chauffeured his sexy side-dish to a lavish hotel where the party went down.

The two love-birds have been trying to hide their illicit affair but social media detectives have caught them pants down.

Apparently, Kingi and his side-dish have been spotted in the same location enjoying a weekend vacation.

Social media detectives found out that Kingi and Haentel Wanjiru were unwinding together after spotting some photos that Kameme radio presenter Muthee  Kiengei posted.

If you look at these photos taken on Saturday 27th  closely, you can see Kiengei with Governor Kingi(he is donning a cap)  and  his side-dish Haentel Wanjiru in the same beach.

Kiengei deleted the photos after social media detectives connected the dots.

What more evidence do you need to conclude that Kingi and Haentel Wanjiru are an item?

Here's the reaction from social media detectives.

 The Kenyan DAILY POST

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