Thursday, July 4, 2019- A light skinned and beautiful slay queen has become the talk of social media after her private video mades it way to the inter-webs.

In the video that she allegedly sent to her boyfriend to entice him  to sex  before it was leaked online, the sexy lady is seen playing around with her big “water melons”.

She was desperately begging her boyfriend for sex through the video and portraying a message to him that she is desperately in need of a good cassava.

The steamy video has made thirsty men go nuts.

They are spending an average of 5 minutes staring at her big boobs that make Vera Sidika look like a joke.

Here’s the video.


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  1. Today was my day nimefira Josee Kips Tumkoi wa Barwessa RV...jama yuko na mkudu kubwa but very juicy ass hole like her mother.....again nafikiri kuma ya mamake iko dry na kubwa kama basin