Saturday July 27, 2019-National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, has received a huge backlash from Kenyans after referring to late Kibra MP, Kenneth Okoth as his son.

In an interview with one of the local TV stations on Friday, Raila stated that he sponsored Ken Okoth’s education as he was from a very poor background but he was however determined and intelligent.

“He was like a Son to me” Raila said.

However Kenyans have roasted Raila Odinga for lying about his relationship with Ken Okoth.

They referred him as a ‘hypocrite.’ This is because many people have claimed that he was ready to trash Ken Okoth’s ambition to represent the people of Kibra and instead supported Rose Mary Odinga.

Here are some savage comments from Kenyans who were angered by Raila Odinga’s remark.

“He is an hypocrite, he wanted her daughter Rosemary to vie for the seat,but the people refused plus illness stopped his daughter,” Harrison Revolver wrote on Twitter.

“He was like your son where and yet at the party Primaries mlimyima cert raia ndio waliamua ni yeye,” Victor Ayoki said.

Ken Okoth succumbed to colorectal cancer on Friday at Nairobi Hospital.


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  1. Kweli. As a tribute to Ken, may Kibrans consider electing Ken's bro Imran to the seat left vacant? Just a thought!