Thursday, July 25, 2019-A well oiled and vocal Kenyan politician who has been targeting sexy TV girls recently slept with one of the top TV girls thinking that he would get quality sex but the unexpected happened.

According to well placed sources, the married politician who is vying for top seat in 2022  elections, paid the TV girl Ksh 200,000 for one round of sex.

He has been salivating on the TV girl for long and when he got the chance to slide into her pants, he didn’t waste the  opportunity.

The popular TV girl who has been peddling her flesh to who is who in the political circles demanded for Ksh 200,000 from the randy mheshimiwa.

He paid her the money after meeting for sex in one of the lavish hotels in the city.
However, he didn’t get what he expected.

He has been telling his close politician friends that  he regrets  spending Ksh 200,000 on the TV girl only to find out that  she is a borehole.

The popular TV girl, a mother of one who  was previously linked to an affair with a Governor from Coast,  has been reduced to a borehole after being misused by wealthy men.


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