Tuesday July 30, 2019 - Deputy President William Ruto publicly contradicted a position that had been taken by President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

While speaking during a fundraiser in Kinangop, Nyandarua County on Saturday, Ruto stated that there was need to find a solution to the division of revenue stalemate. 

Ruto urged Governors, Senators and MPs to sit down and talk and end the ongoing deadlock.

He went on to add that resolving the conflict would enable effective service delivery to Kenyans.

The DP's sentiments go against the position that the President had taken on the matter.

Speaking at the funeral service of Peter Kenneth’s mother, Rahab Wambui Muhuni, Uhuru harshly criticised the Governors for their demands.

He noted that the country did not have any extra funds to add to what the Counties had already been allocated.

“You cannot reap what you haven't planted, we want the Counties to succeed but you can’t go demanding for money that isn't available.”

"We have given them what we have and what we know we can find," stated Uhuru.


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