Tuesday July 2, 2019 - Economist David Ndii has come out boldly to express his distaste of the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Party Leader, Raila Odinga.

In an article penned at the East African Review, the NASA strategist in the 2017 elections shared his sentiments on the current state of the handshake and the nation.

"I have stated many times and I will restate here again that the leadership that Uhuru and Raila promised behooves them to play the role of honest statesmen who would midwife political reforms leading up to a free and fair election, followed by retirement for both of them," a section of his article reads.

He then continued to explain why he felt the handshake has been used by the two leaders for their own self-interest.

"But they have eschewed statesmanship for skullduggery and political intrigue, lending credence to suspicions that the handshake is nothing more than a Kenyatta self-preservation scheme," he added.

Ndii revealed how Raila became a beneficiary of the pact cemented by the mind-boggling event of March 9, 2018, at the Office of the President, in Nairobi.

"Raila has been enticed to share in the spoils and to ensure a reinstatement of the Odinga clan to the pantheon of Kenya's ruling dynasties," Ndii wrote.

This comes even as he has vehemently opposed the close working relationship of the two-party leaders and called for its immediate termination.

"It is time to end this nonsense!" he remarked.

Ndii further poked holes into the effectiveness of the handshake claiming it had been nothing but a failure and went ahead to give President Uhuru a suggestion.

"With nothing but political blunders and policy failures behind him, there is only one thing left that Uhuru Kenyatta can do for Kenya...Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, please do us a favor and yourself a big favor, you have neither the mandate nor the wherewithal to shape our political destiny. Just finish up and go," he concluded.


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