Wednesday July 24, 2019-British High Commissioner to Kenya Nic Hailey revealed that the UK Government has a list of Kenya’s most corrupt individuals.

According to Hailey, these individuals face possible asset seizures and future travel restrictions to the European country.

He further stated that the UK Government was watching public officers who have amassed wealth from looting public coffers.

According to Hailey, the UK had deployed special teams working with Kenyan authorities tracking the assets of people suspected of corruption dealings.

"I think we are pretty close to building evidence with the Kenyan authorities where people have stashed the money in the UK which will contribute to convictions," the British High Commissioner to Kenya said.

This comes even as DCI George Kinoti revealed that he had sought the help from the United Kingdom to track billions paid for the Arror and Kimwarer dams.

Hailey pledged international support for Kenya to root out corruption and asked anyone formally indicted in corruption to step aside to allow an unfettered investigation.


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