Friday July 19, 2019-Melida Auma Otieno, the mother of slain university student, Sharon Otieno, was unable to keep calm during a court session where Justice Jesse Lesiit was ruling whether or not to recuse herself from the case, involving Migori Governor, Okoth Obado.

As the judge was speaking, Melinda started sobbing uncontrollably, drawing the attention of the court.

The weeping mother had to be escorted out of the court to be attended to. 

The judge touched a raw nerve while reading documents filed by one of the accused.

"It is clear from the content in the statement of Barack Oduor (Nation journalist who had been abducted), that there is no evidence that I lured Sharon Beryl Otieno as deposed by the investigating officer.” 

"The deposition that I lured the deceased is a figment if his imagination," the judge read.

While Justice Lesiit was reading her ruling, Sharon's mother could be seen struggling to pull herself together, before breaking down in tears. 



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