Friday, July 19, 2019-Sexy Kibwezi MP, Jessica Mbalu, was left with an egg on her face after she posted a photo  in a compromising position  with youthful  Kitui businessman, Henry Malonza.

The married MP accidentally posted the photo on a WhatsApp group and when she realized that she had sent the wrong photo to the wrong group, she deleted it  but group members had already started sharing it.

Snoops whisphered to us that she was sending the photo to Malonza to remind him of the great time they had together when she accidentally sent it to the wrong group.

There have been rumours  in the Kambaland that the youthful  businessman has been chewing the married MP behinds her husband’s back and these rumours were confirmed after she accidentally posted the photo in a compromising position with the businessman in  undisclosed location.

In the photo, Jessica is seen exposing her “yellow yellow”  thighs which look too juicy  while leaning towards her alleged mpango wa kando, who is 10 years younger than her.

It looks like the businessman was marinating the sexy MP with whiskey  as they prepared to have explosive sex.

The photo that was widely shared has triggered a huge debate on social media and even Parliament where the controversial MP is being discussed over her loose morals.

Worst hit is Jessica’s husband,  a lawyer by profession, who has reportedly sunk into depression after confirming that his wife has been  dishing out her cookie to the Kitui based businessman, who vied for a Parliamentary seat in 2017 elections and lost.

He can’t stomach the fact that youthful and energetic  Malonza invaded his territory and smashed his wife’s goodies.

Jessica’s marriage is rocked in endless sex scandals, something that has subjected her husband to ridicule.

The sexy MP loose morals are well known in Parliament where she has allegedly slept with a number of male MPs.

Here’s the photo of the sexy MP in a compromising position with the youthful businessman that she sent to the wrong WhatsApp group.

Looking at how she is excited in the presence of her Ben 10, the young man must be giving her a good dick.


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