Tuesday July 30, 2019 - Late Bomet County Governor, Joyce Laboso, will be laid to rest at her home in Fort Ternan, Koru, Kisumu County, and not Bomet.

This was revealed by Laboso's hubby, Edwin Abonyo, on Tuesday.

Sharing the announcement, Abonyo urged the late Governor's followers to be patient as the burial date will be announced soon.

However, the burial in Koru will take place after a funeral service is held in Bomet.

Abonyo's announcement was confirmed by the Luo Council of Elders Chairman, Ker Willis Otondi, who said that the Luo culture dictates that a wife, in this case late Laboso, should be buried at her husband's home.

Laboso was married to Abonyo, who is a Luo and hails from Koru, Kisumu County.

At the same time, Laboso's hubby, Abonyo, revealed that his wife battled cancer for years but put on a strong and brave fight all for the sake of her people.

He eulogized her as a hardworking lady who loved her job and the people of Bomet, saying the Governor kept on working despite being sick because she did not want her illness to stand in the way of service delivery.


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  1. She was not married to the people of Bomet. Their relationship was a 5 year contract subject to a further 5 year relationship that begun at the ballot box and ended at the doorstep of death hence permanently nullifying that contract before its due date. On the other hand the contract of marriage to Abonyo was begun when they exchanged vows and could have ended upon divorce; which did not happen or the death of either party. In this case, Laboso's preceded Abonyo. The Political contract in effect was within the bounds of the marriage contract, therefore the marriage contract carries in this case. Where to bury a wife is not an issue of discussion in most African cultures. The surviving husband buries the wife even where they were separated. Remember Moi and Lena anyone? It would help those who do not understand Kikale to listen to Mwalimu Kendagor Limo's song....Lakwani Bunu Koin... it will set you on the clear as to the Kalenjins position on where a married woman belongs.