Tuesday July 23, 2019-Felix Mambala, the father of six-year-old Felix Sydney Mambala, who died after being hit by one of the cars belonging to Deputy William Ruto's convoy on June 7, 2019 while he was on tour of Budalangi Constituency, has urged the DP to deliver on his promise.

Nambala had earlier disclosed that Ruto personally called him when his son passed on, assuring him that he would look into his family’s welfare.

However, the parents have tried reaching Ruto recently but their calls have gone unanswered.

They revealed that they were promised a new house and jobs to improve their lives but nothing has been forthcoming ever since the burial of their son.

“Nilipiga simu lakini hawajawai receive simu yangu.Naskia uchungu sana kumpoteza mtoto wa kwanza. (I tried calling but they haven't picked my calls. I feel a lot of pain to lose my firstborn child)” Mambala revealed.

“Hata nikizaa mwingine nitakua nakumbuka kama ule mtu hangekuja Budalangi, Mtoto wangu hangekufa. (Even if I give birth to another child, I will still be remembering that if that person [Ruto] never came to Budalang'i, my child would still be alive),” Sydney’s mother, Elizabeth Akinyi added.

When news broke of the passing of Sidney, Ruto personally called Mambala assuring him of his full support.

"I have spoken with Mzee to pass my consideration and assured the family of reference and support during this difficult time. May God rest young Sidney in eternal peace." the DP's tweet read. 

Ruto's Director of Communications Emmanuel Talam also commented noting, “the DP has ordered the investigating officers to probe Sidney’s death, saying he [Ruto] believes the boy did not deserve to die in such a manner”.



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