Tuesday July 2,2019 - It is no doubt that award winning journalist, Jeff Koinange, was a close friend of late Safaricom Chief Executive Officer, Bob Collymore, who succumbed to cancer of the blood on Monday morning.

According to Jeff, they would hang out with the late CEO at night discussing corporate issues and other society issues affecting Kenyans.

 In fact, Jeff was the last man seen with Collymore before he succumbed to cancer.

On Monday, Jeff disclosed that Collymore had recently taken a turn for the worse.

“In fact, a few weeks ago, his wife Wambui had asked a couple of us to donate blood for platelets.”

“His blood refused to clot.”

“He was getting nose bleeds out of the blues,” Jeff said.

Ever concerned about the plight of the less fortunate in society, Collymore was reflective on his cancer.

“What happens to the poor Kenyan who suffers from this?” He asked Jeff.

“One, you not gonna be diagnosed because you will think its fever and this is always the problem.”

“People do not go to get diagnosed for whatever, because, one, they do not have the money, so there are many people who will be dying in the world and Kenya for sure due to lack of diagnosis and lack of a cure.”

Collymore said nobody should die from cancer in this day and age of advanced science.


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