Sunday July 28, 2019-The late Kibra MP, Ken Okoth, offered his friends some critical advice when they shared a meal on July, 20 before he succumbed to cancer on Friday.

Speaking to journalists during Starehe Boys Centre's 60th-anniversary celebrations, his former schoolmate and friend, John Kinuthia, revealed that he invited them for dinner at an eatery that is located along Kindaruma Road.

"When he invited us for what we are now referring to as the last supper, he called his mum, siblings, close friends, classmates and people that he was affiliated with. 

"He took us to Ashaki Grill the other Saturday and it was a two-way street from himself he was enjoying friends and family for the last time and you could tell it," he narrated.

Another friend by the name, Fred Gori, disclosed that he gave them some wise counsel on marriage that will remain with them for a long time. 

"He told us, "You guys take care of your wives because you may have a lot of money for treatment but without a support system from your wife and other family members, it's very unlikely that you will pull through," Gori stated. 

Okoth's former classmates described him as a humble man who was very passionate about education, adding that his death was a great loss.

"We've lost a friend of a kind that nothing and no one will bring back. Our only hope is that God is merciful and that he will give us somebody else to fulfill Okoth's dreams," Gori said.



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  1. A really good MP. I pray that the other remaining MPs would emulate his good deeds. Fare thee well Mhesh KEN.