Wednesday July 17, 2019-The Ministry of Health has issued a statement after Dennis Okari’s expose on NTV about supermarkets reportedly using harmful chemicals to preserve meat. 

The ministry has since embarked on collecting random samples for testing. 

The ministry has said that sulphites are additives permitted in specified food categories but warned traders against using dangerous chemicals that can cost lives. 

The Government will release information on whether the meat is good for consumption upon completion of the investigation.

“Ministry of Health has collected random samples from various outlets for analysis… Results will be shared with the public immediately they are out,” read part on the Government’s statement.

The move comes after The Law Society of Kenya demanded immediate actions on supermarkets lacing meat with dangerous chemicals. 

 “Prosecute and publish the names of any persons engaged in the sale of unwholesome, poisonous, adulterated foods and ensure their licenses are cancelled upon conviction,” the LSK’s chief executive Mercy Wambua said.

The revelation by the media house has continued to elicit mixed reactions from different factions. Leaders and general public want an action taken with immediate effect.

Here is a statement from the Government;-



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