Tuesday July 30, 2019 - Cabinet Secretary (CS) Raphael Tuju has revealed how the late Kibra MP, Ken Okoth, helped him when his brother died. 

Speaking to journalists during Starehe Boys Centre's 60th anniversary celebrations, Tuju revealed that Okoth reached out to him when he heard that his brother was suffering from cancer.

At the time, the Kibra MP was undergoing treatment for Colorectal Cancer in Paris.

When Okoth heard that Tuju's brother had passed away, he sent him some money.

"Something very touching for me is that he suffered so long from cancer and he was very brave.”

“When he heard that my own brother was suffering from cancer he reached out to me.”

"When I lost my brother towards the end of last year, he even still had the strength and sacrifice to send me his own donation yet he was also suffering and paying for expensive treatment," Tuju narrated. 

The Cabinet Secretary without portfolio heaped praise on Okoth and described him as a selfless leader.

"He lived to serve others.”

“I have only good memories of him especially for what he did for the people of Kibra.”

"He had personal knowledge of poverty.”

“When his situation in life changed for the better, he spent a lot of life working and helping others," he added.


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