Monday July 22, 2019-Thirdway Alliance party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, has once again attacked MPs for demanding night allowances.

The Kenyan DAILY POST understands that MPs have been silently pocketing at least Sh18,200 each,  four times a week, for each night spent in the city, attending parliamentary sittings.

In total each lawmaker has been drawing Sh72,000 every week, or Sh291,200 every month.

 Now in a phone interview with Radio Milele on Monday, Aukot who is behind Punguza Mzigo intiiaive said the MPs move is selfish adding that his bill seeks to tame such henceforth.

"MPs are currently increasing their salaries at will. They are now pushing for night allowances, have they become watchmen? (Saa hii wabunge wanajiongezea mishahara vile wanataka. Sasa wanataka night allowance. Mi najiuliza, kwani wamekuwa watchmen?)," Aukot wondered.

He added that if passed, his Punguza Mizigo Bill will also see to it that women and men are given equal consideration with regards to being elected and parliamentary privileges.

He said that in his bill, both genders will be considered equal and given equal chances of representing the people.

"We want equality between men and women. No one can say they were not born by a woman or don't have a sister (Tunataka usawa kati ya wanaume na wanawake. Hakuna mtu anaweza sema hakuzaliwa na mama ama hana Dada)," he said.


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