Thursday July 4, 2019-Safaricom interim Chief Executive Officer, Michael Joseph, broke down severally while reading a tribute to Bob Collymore during the latter’s memorial service on Thursday at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi.

Joseph, while struggling to read Collymore’s tribute poem, also revealed that they had agreed whoever survived the other, would read the poem ‘My Funeral’ at each other’s funeral.
“Am genuinely sad and heartbroken to be the one reading this poem today,” he said.
He went on to read the poem but broke down a couple of times in between the poem and was forced to pause for sometime before continuing with the poem.
Nonetheless, Michael eolougized the late Collymore as the rock and the bravest man he has ever met.
“Bob was the bravest man I have ever met, with enormous sense of humour, he never wanted anyone to worry about him,” Joseph said while eulogizing Collymore.

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