Monday July 15, 2019-But Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo has questioned Deputy President William Ruto's fears for his life, thanks to an alleged assassination plot against him.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, Elisha said the DP's fears are questionable, especially for a man who has been contributing millions to churches while saying that he is investing in heaven.

He opined that Ruto should not be worried about the letter of his alleged assassination plot if his remarks that he has been pleasing God are sincere.

"Kama unatoa pesa kwa kanisa ili Yesu akirudi uende mbinguni, mtu akiandika barua ili uende haraka mbona unapanic? (if you have been giving money to churches so that when Jesus comes you can go to heaven, why panic when someone writes a letter to enable you go faster)," he posed.

The MP also said that the fact that the letter has been traced back to the DP's office is proof that something is very wrong, especially with Ruto who is eyeing the presidency in 2022. 

"Kama ofisi yake ndio tunapata fake letters (if it's in his office that we are finding fake letters), is that something not to worry about?" he added.

The letter which implicated four Cabinet Secretaries and other state bosses from Mt Kenya has since been declared fake by the police.



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