Thursday July 18, 2019-Former Kibwezi Member of Parliament Kalembe Ndile has revealed how Deputy President William Ruto used him politically ahead of the 2017 polls and then discarded him like a doormat.

Speaking yesterday, Ndile claimed that the DP personally approached him to merge his Tip-Tip party into the larger Jubilee ahead of the polls and then proceeded to dump him.

He said that he was also part of the team that was tasked with wooing the Kamba region into voting in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta in the heavily contested race.

But since getting re-elected, Ndile says Ruto has been snubbing him and has not only not incorporated him in the Government as was planned, but has also been ignoring his calls.

"Yeye mwenyewe ndiye aliniambia nivunje chama na mpango ilikuwa tuunde serikali wote. 
Lakini tangu kuvunja chama hata simu hashiki (he convinced me to fold the party and the plan was to form the Government, but he has even not been picking my calls since)," he said.

The former Assistant Minister narrated how he broke his leg in an accident while leaving a late night campaign plan in Uhuru Park, which left him with a broken leg.

"Hii mkutano ya mwisho Uhuru Park niliitwa na Sonko tukapanga hadi saa sita usiku. 
Nilipokuwa narudi nyumbani, kwa sababu ya kuchoka, nikavunjika mguu na hawakuja kuniona. (I was called by Sonko (Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko) to attend the last meeting at Uhuru Park, where we planned until midnight. On my way back home, because I was tired, I was involved in an accident and broke my leg. They never visited me)” Ndile stated.



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  1. Kalembe Ndile me asks, before you bash the DP what did your party bring in terms of numbers me thinks zero and thats why you got zero returns kwa lugha ya siasa.