Wednesday July 24, 2019-The attempt to arrest Treasury CS, Henry Rotich, on Monday, was reportedly met with resistance before he surrendered to police officers.
According to reports, CS Rotich watched as DPP Noordin Haji gave orders of his arrest.
But before the detectives accessed his office, they had to force their way through Treasury's security personnel as well as the government official's bodyguards. 
Reports indicate that the CS’s secretary and bodyguards, who were following the events on TV, told the officers that the CS was on the phone and asked them to wait.
But the arresting officers flatly refused and threatened to force their way in. 
The commotion forced the CS to emerge from his office just in time to witness guns being drawn by his bodyguards. 
Rotich, ostensibly was courteous, even offering the arresting officers a cup of tea, which they politely declined before whisking him away. 
Upon getting out, all the minister asked the detectives was, “Ni kesi gani mnasema? Hakuna shida, twendeni (Which case are you talking about? All the same, there is no problem, let’s go)."

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