Tuesday July 30, 2019 - The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti has broken his silence about the rising cases of cancer in Kenya.

Speaking at an executive meeting for the East African Association of Prosecutors, hosted by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) in Kenya, Kinoti said there was a link between the disease and the activities of criminal cartels in the East African region.

He noted that investigations had revealed that there is an organized criminal cartel that has been selling contraband products that expose consumers to the risk of cancer.

He revealed that there are numerous instances where an expired product in one country is taken to another country and repackaged to show a false expiry date.
“We have been having a lot of challenges in terms of ailments like cancer here in Kenya.”

“We have to ask ourselves, why are they increasing so rapidly?”

“You will find that what has expired in one country, finds itself in another country and it is repackage as a new product.”

“They are crossing into our border from Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, and then they find their way to be consumed by our people,” Kinoti said.


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  1. Ehee.... what are KEBS, DCI, NIS, POLICE and Customs doing about this?

  2. At list you are talking but covering for you mt Kenya tribes for you crime. Brookside used melamine on milk to sterilize women in none mt Kenya region in population control so that zombies from mt Kenya rule Kenya through their fallacy of numbers. Jacob Juma was assassinated by brookside in cover this truth.

    By all means avoid anything milk products my Brookside - to be free from cancer.

  3. Matiangi will deal with them as president. our very own Donald trump