Thursday July 25, 2019-Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna,has been left with an egg on his face after his attempt to discredit Punguza Mzigo bill received a backlash from Kenyans.

On Thursday, Sifuna issued a statement opposing the popular bill saying it is not people’s driven.

 Sifuna also said the Third Way Alliance party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, did not consult other parties in coming up with the draft bill and that it will go nowhere.

The SG also faulted Aukot for proposing reduction in number of members of Parliament saying it will not help much in reducing the public wage bill.

“Parliament's budget is just Sh 39.8 billion in a year. Reducing the size of Parliament is not going to reduce the wage bill significantly. The wage bill in Kenya is contributed most by the executive. For as long as the executive remains intact, you won't have done much," Sifuna stated.

However, Sifuna has been roasted by Kenyans for opposing the initiative that is gaining momentum daily.

Here are some comments from Kenyans


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