Wednesday July 3, 2019 - Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has responded to Deputy President William Ruto who referred the ODM party leader, Raila Odinga, on Monday as the real lord of poverty in Kenya.

In a long statement issued by ODM Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna, on Tuesday, the Orange Party urged Ruto to tame his mouth and stop attacking the opposition supremo.

Sifuna wondered how Ruto was crisscrossing the country purporting to be a true Christian giving out countless money in form of church donations while Kiambaa Church which was burnt down in his backyard is still in ruins to date.

“There is no greater Lord of Poverty than the one who makes you permanently dependent on handouts and cash-for-favors.”

“We are shocked that Ruto wants us to believe he is a God-fearing man doing charity work of God.”

“Yet to date, Kiambaa Church lies in ruins in his neighborhood.”

“His cronies and hatchet people were on the forefront of mocking maize and cane farmers whose only mistake was to demand their dues from the Government he purports to be second in command.” Sifuna said in a statement.

The Kiambaa Church incident is a thorn in the flesh of Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022 because he is said to be the “general” who ordered the killing of 35 women and children in Kiambaa Church near Eldoret town during the 2007-08 post-election skirmishes.

All those who perished were members of the Kikuyu community.


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  1. odm vampire! once again as usual of your retarded brains. The dp was in Nairobi contesting the outcome of 2007 election that kibaki stole, as the kikuyu's started burning their fellow kikuyus at the eldoret church in starting the PEV as they offen do.
    So, don't blame kibaki's kwekwe militia for killing their fellow mt Kenyans in their mission of sticking to power.