Wednesday July 24, 2019-One of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's die hard supporter has left tongues wagging after he explained reasons why he believed the former premier was "next to Jesus".

In an interview with one of the local online blogs, Ogondo Otieno Omena, described Raila as the country's "saviour" saying his mysterious mode of operation has earned him respect and support across the country.

He said since his handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila has opened the president eyes and that is the reason corrupt senior government officials are being arrested daily.

Otieno showered the ODM leader with powerful names and titles which placed him just a step below the Messiah.

"His teargassness, his tibimness, his mercilessness, his graciousness, his amnesty, Adonijah, flame of peace, prince of freedom, people's president Raila Amollo Odinga, gathered the courage and applied the wisdom to put his interest aside and came together to shake hands with Uhuru," Omena said.

He also said he strongly believes that Raila wields special powers and is closer to Jesus than any other man on earth.

 " Raila and Jesus Christ are close but Jesus is slightly above him. Jesus has more powers than him but Raila's powers are almost where Jesus powers are," he said.


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  1. the vampire will never be next to Jesus. He is the face of Lucifer in Kenya and he can go lick the ass of his vampire hand shake vampire election thief.

    1. you are stupid and retarded.How is Raila Lucifer.?It is people like you who cause bloodshed in Kenya with your primitive beleifs.Raila has done alot for Kenya that the thieving thugs who loot from.the govt of course don't like it