Monday July 22, 2019-Third Way Alliance Party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, has called upon Kenyans to rally behind his Punguza Mizigo constitutional amendment Bill, despite the growing opposition.

In a phone interview with Milele FM presenter, Alex Mwakideu on Monday, Aukot said his Bill doesn't need endorsements from the leading politicians, especially President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Aukot also challenged Kenyans, most of whom are allied to the two, to unchain themselves from the two, stressing on the need for them to begin making independent decisions.

"We must unchain ourselves from this mentality that Raila or Uhuru must say something so that we can follow (Lazima tujitoe katika hii mental slavery eti lazima Raila aseme ama Uhuru aseme ndio tufuate)," he said.

The ex-presidential hopeful accused Kenyans of blindly following the leaders, observing that some have not been of any use to the nation and will only leave behind negative memories.

"Hao wamekuwa kwa siasa hii miaka yote ni yapi wamefanyia wakenya? Wengi wao watakumbukwa kwa mambo ya ufisadi. (What have they done for Kenyans in all these years they have been in politics? Actually, most will only be remembered for corruption)," he added.


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