Tuesday July 16, 2019-Busia Woman Representative Florence Mutua has mocked renowned scholar Edward Kisiang'ani over his sustained attacks on Raila Odinga.

The Kenyatta University lecturer has in the past been questioning the integrity of Mr. Odinga, accusing him of being a selfish leader who blocks others from succeeding.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Kisiang'ani threw jabs at Odinga's supporters, arguing that they are intolerant when it comes to sensitive issues.

"When Raila talks to Uhuru or to any other leader, nobody talks about money. But if Musalia, Bonny, Weta or any other leaders do the same, you hear 'so and so has been paid'. 
After the handshake Uhuru gave RAO an AU job. Hapo sio kulipwa? Why was this job not given in," he said.

"I wonder what some people would be saying if the AU job Uhuru gave Raila had instead been given to Weta, Musalia or Boni. RAO's loyalists would hit have hit the roof with claims of 'msaliti'! 'Amenunuliwa' But now?" he added.

But in response on Tuesday, Mrs Mutua dismissed Prof Kisiang'ani, arguing that his sustained attacks on Mr Odinga will fade slowly with time without input from the ODM leader.

"Raila the Enigma. Prof utachoka tu pia very soon. Good day," Mutua said.


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