Tuesday July 23, 2019-Kapseret MP Oscar Kipchumba Sudi has questioned President Uhuru Kenyatta over the arrest of Arror and Kimwarer dams’ scandal suspects. 

Venting on his Facebook, Sudi showed his disappointment, reinstating fight against graft is targeting the Kalenjin tribe. 

According to Sudi, procurement for the two dams was brokered by David Murathe.

He claimed the nabbing of CS Henry Rotich, Susan Koech, and David Kimosop is treating Kalenjin to a circus. 

The vocal lawmaker revealed despite asking Uhuru about Ruaka land scandal where he alleged CS Matiang' i and PS Belio Kipsang were involved, Uhuru hasn't responded.

"I further ask, Mr. President why is it hard to ask someone who is serving in your Government to step aside? Instead of sacrificing the whole community in court? That's why anything concerning these stories is entirely cooked and FAKE." Oscar Sudi noted.

Furthermore, Sudi complains arguing fight against graft is not genuine in Kenya. He noted it taking them as fools and he knew it before that DP William Ruto allied Cabinet Secretaries were to be sacrificed. 

"We knew these plans right from the beginning; the plan was to maliciously prosecute those Cabinet Secretaries who are presumed to be allied to DP just to portray DP in a bad light.”

"We know that the mission was to end after sacrificing Henry Rotich and Charles Keter."

"That's why; personally I don't believe that there is a genuine fight against corruption in Kenya," Sudi added.


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  1. it is this kind of trash we don't.need as leaders on the national scene he can go to his village and fight for "his" people hii ujinga hatutaki.educated youths need jobs and money for businesses and we ave the likes of Sudi speaking foolishness.Watch referendum itake root,huta dunda amechoka n pia Kenya si ya wakalenjin na wakikuyu, pekee yao yule aliwadanganya alifanya viba sana