Bob Collymore, RIP, a man with billions of dollars in his account is being buried/ remains interred just a day after his death. Then a requim mass is to be organized few days later for the public to pay their last respect. The organization he was leading is operational and nothing has stopped.

Back in my poverty engulfed Omokonge village a man/woman completely without nothing dies. Remains are then transferred from a low class hospital to the best morgue in that region. Operations in the whole village stop, offices in the entire region get shut just because someone is lying in the morgue as the storage fees accumulate! 3 weeks following, it's fundraisers being conducted looking for monies to cater for burial expenses.

I can only call this desperate POVERTY mentality. That relatives abroad must stop what they doing, spend millions of shillings to travel just to come and see the dead when they never bothered to come and see him/her when he/she was alive! Back at home people are spending thousands of shillings printing T-shirts and buying expensive suits for the burial day when they've never worn such in their entire lives! Why do we value the dead more than the living?!

It's time we must start thinking like Africans of the 21st century. We must stop mourning as if we never knew that death exists. Some beliefs and traditions are outdated and past our times. Why spend everything to bury the dead and leave those alive in abject poverty and suffering.

We must not live to be burdens to our loved ones in our days of death. Let's prepare and have plans for for the 'worst', we all know it's coming, death is not a tragedy nor it is an emergency. We must start thinking into health/death insurances.

Let's start having the hard but right conversations!

By Generali Osumu Jnr.

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