Thursday, July 25, 2019-National Youth Service officers were spotted harassing lovers who were having fun inside Mau Forest.

The youthful lovers who had gone for a picnic at the serene  forest  located in the Rift were caught kissing by  NYS officers and given a punishment.

The  officers who were patrolling the forest ordered the  lovers to  lock lips and make love as they watched.

One of the NYS officers was heard telling the guy to caress his girlfriend’s breasts as they watched and laughed.

The scared  lovers did exactly what the NYS officers told them and begged for mercy.

Here’s the video that is going rounds on social media.



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  1. Those are not NYS officers. Those are goons and could be porn graphic directors and should be investigated and brought to book to face the law. Is our active DCI or DPP awake? Kenya is free for local and international tourism and a right of privacy. Is bulling a policy in kenyan constitution?