Thursday, July 25, 2019- Mount Kenya University has become the latest institution of higher learning to enforce a strict dressing code.

Students have been banned from wearing clothes or pants revealing their “private body parts”.

“Persons dressed in clothes/pants revealing private body parts will be denied access into the University premises and will be required to go back and dress decently,” the notice states.

It further stipulates that students should not wear caps or hats during lectures, in the library, laboratory or when addressing members of staff.

Male students should have well-groomed hair at all times while ladies should not wear see-through clothes, bare-backs, mini-skirts, crop-tops, and low cleavage attire anywhere within the school’s premises.

According to a memo from the Dean Students Mr. Martin Muiruri, students who will not comply with the new dress code will be sent home to dress properly, at least until the third warning after which they will face disciplinary measures.

“Warning will be given in case of breach of the dressing code. After a third warning the student will be referred to a disciplinary committee,” stated the Dean of students.

Other Universities in Kenya with a strict dress code include Strathmore University and Daystar University.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. cameltoe we shall miss#mafisi

  2. About time too to reign in the slay mentality that has gripped all facets of our daily lives.... I hope it will at least address some of the STD's aka Sexually Transmitted Degrees.