About 4 weeks ago, a colleague met me in parliament and had some news to break. This was after having a drink with his friend and a former MP from Nairobi. In their usual chat, they discussed Mt Kenya politics.

To cut the long story short, the former MP told him that Hon Kimani Ichungw'a and myself are the two irritants the "system" (which he was representing in the conversation) must deal with.

He went ahead to give details of how they have been sending auditors to our CDF offices ostensibly to get "something" for smear campaigns. To my surprise, I understood why we have hosted auditors for a record 5 times in the last financial year (one year).

Having found nothing for which to criminally or politically use, they decided to dig the past which they are still trying to patch together. I was surprised how an MP and former MP who we haven't interacted much had so much details about me.

I will not accept a fellow human being to intimidate me whatever their stature or position. We know where we are headed, and we know our limits.

Let it be known that we have calculated all the political cost of our mission, and provided for the worst case scenarios. And that will never include fearing any human being.

Lastly, I wish this energy was being directed towards offering objective and credible service to the great citizens of Kenya instead of using public institutions and offices for politics.

We are African and Africa is our Business.

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