Monday July 29, 2019 - Former Gatanga lawmaker, David Murathe, has stated that President Uhuru Kenyatta has very little control over the Mt. Kenya region with regards to the 2022 presidential polls.

This comes at a time when Uhuru is being viewed as the man who will have the final say on the direction the region will take, owing to his position as its de facto kingpin.

Speaking yesterday, the former Jubilee Party Vice Chair said Uhuru has only one vote, and is as well not assured that area leaders will follow his advice during the elections.

He added that Uhuru, who has been non-committal on keeping his vow to endorse his Deputy William Ruto, has not reneged on any promise, adding that he owes no one any debt.

"I don't know what you mean by reneging on his promise.”

“The President has only one vote.”

“People can agree but it doesn't mean he can convince Mt Kenya leaders.”

“We are quite clear there was no MoU between us and DP," he said.

Speaking in Gatanga on Thursday, Uhuru said that he doesn't care who will succeed him, which Murathe translated as Uhuru's way of saying that he is not interested in a term extension.

"When the President says he doesn't care who is the next President, he is starting with himself that he doesn't want a term extension," he added.

Uhuru repeatedly declared that he will help Ruto ascend to the position upon the lapse of his 10 year tenure during the campaigns, but has been silent on the promise since his 2017 re-election.


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