Wednesday July 3, 2019-Woman Representative Gladys Wanga has revealed that she has also been battling cancer as the dreaded disease continues to claim lives.

Wanga moved the National Assembly’s Health Committee to tears when she disclosed that she was suffering from stage four colorectal cancer.

In an emotional speech, Wanga said that the disease was discovered about five years ago when it was already at an advanced stage.

She said the cancer was diagnosed at a foreign hospital after local health facilities failed to identify what she was ailing from.

“Chair this bill is so personal to me because I am speaking from experience.”

“I was diagnosed with cancer and before diagnosis, I could not tell what I was suffering from because sometimes the disease is there, and you do not feel pain.”

“The main issue is that many people have been misdiagnosed because even the doctors themselves cannot tell from the onset that someone has cancer,” said Wanga

She urged the Health Committee members to pass her Cancer Prevention and Control (Amendment) Bill 2015, noting that she has been going for frequent reviews since 2014.

She also appealed to her colleagues to pass the bill, which she argued would ensure cancer is considered a component of primary care in health facilities.

“When I sought treatment outside the country, the simple things that a nurse was able to do there can also be done here.”

“We need to make it a primary healthcare to avoid late diagnosis which in turn becomes difficult to treat leading to deaths which would have been prevented," said Wanga.

This came barely two days after the demise of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore who succumbed to acute leukemia - cancer of the blood.


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