Tuesday, July 09, 2019- Michelle Ntalami is a budding entrepreneur and founder of Marini Natural’s beauty products.

The curvy lass, who is a sight for sore eyes, is trending on social media after she was caught up in a vicious lesbian love triangle involving popular actress and media personality, Makena Njeri.

Apparently, Makena has been cheating with Michelle, who appears to be a hot cake in these Wamlambez circles, and when her girlfriend found out, she went bonkers and vandalized her Mercedes Benz car.

The jilted lover spray painted Makena’s Benz the words ‘Makena Cheater’ and Fuck You’

The photos of the vandalized car emerged on social media and quickly went viral.

Michelle Ntalami also used to have a thing with rapper, Fena Gitu.

See her photos below.

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