Wednesday July 17, 2019-Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua on Monday opened up about a heart condition that has been giving him sleepless nights.
Through a post on Facebook, Mutua stated that last week he checked into hospital for a checkup but doctors told him that he had a serious condition and needed to see a cardiologist.
“My BP was 157/86 against the normal of less than 120/80. My heart rate was 115 beats per minute against the normal of 60-80.”
 “A flurry of tests would follow and the medical team attending to me recommended admission and a subsequent heart operation.”
“It was the scariest news I had ever received,” Mutua said, adding that he thought about his family and all those who depended on him.
However, he vowed to remain strong but also sought a second opinion from medical professionals.
One of his friends who happens to be a doctor referred him to Dr. Saleem Bagha, a Consultant Physician/Cardiologist at the Aga Khan University Hospital Doctor’s Plaza.
“I gave him a call and he asked me to go over to his clinic right away. A man of impeccable integrity and professionalism, Dr. Bagha has managed me in a way that I know God is using him. He has restored hope where others planted fear.

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